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Current System Status & Maintenance Schedule

View Current System Status and Any Scheduled Upgrades to the My Own Med Platform

My Own Med Ecosystem Fully Functional & Running Normally

Schedule of System Upgrades

There are no upgrades scheduled for the week of . Coming soon: Talk with your client services manager about the upcoming launch of the Lexicomp/Medi-Span Clinical Drug Database

Health Care Cloud Services Report

Web Services: 100%

Mobile Services: 100%

Analytics Services: 100%

Please Note: The percentages above reflect combined cloud services operating normally that are supporting My Own Med web, mobile and analytics platforms over the last 7 days.

Mobile Apps

Advanced health management for your patient population using native iOS and Android apps. For more information on the mobile API here

Clinical Trial Database

More information on our clinical trial ready database & analytics platforms here


Want to take part in an upcoming Webinar on using the My Own Med analytics and patient intelligence platform? Talk with your client services representative today.

In-App Messaging

Need a tutorial on creating in-app messaging our population wide announcements? More information


Where do I get the My Own Med mobile app?

The My Own Med iPhone app can be downloaded using iTunes here. You will find the Android app on Google Play here .

My health care provider sent me an email to download a My Own Med mobile app, what do I do?

When your health care provider registered you to the My Own Med personal health assistant platform they provided you with your username and a temporary password. Once you download the My Own Med app from Apple's iTunes and Google Play, please enter your log in information. Once logged in you will be required to change your password. Now, your account is linked to your health care provider and you can receive custom messages and take advantage of a suite of tools designed to improve your health.

How can I sign up for My Own Med?

You will need the mobile app to register to the My Own Med system. Once you register you will have access to medication management tools, vital sign tracking, healthy messages, graphing and more. Please visit the My Own Med iTunes and Google Play stores.

Is my information kept private and secure?

My Own Med works full-time on keeping your information private and secure. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail and keep in mind that your information is encrypted over SSL and stored in world-class data centers that are monitored 24/7/365. For more detailed information regarding platform security please ask your client services representative.

How do I create an account for friends and family?

Once you register and confirmed that your have permission to monitor friends or family, please use the + profile button within the application and fill out the required fields.

I can not log into my account, what do I do?

Please make sure your username and password are correct. You can use the forgot password link on the mobile log in page to begin the process to reset your password. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is off when using your keyboard. If problems continue to persist please email us at

How do I add a module to our portal and patient mobile apps?

Please contact your client services representative to discuss adding functionality to the management patient intelligence portal or the mobile API.

APIs & Partners

Talk with your client services representative about the ever expanding libarary of APIs integrated into the My Own Med ecosystem